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And welcome to MOBILE, Scribblers Media's website & service formatted for compact, easy-to-carry, view-up-close screens.


If you're new to Scribblers Media, let us tell you what we do—and suggest ways we might be of service.


The Scribblers Media service model ...  Essentially, we provide professional development services for today’s digital information-based workforce.


So we're kind of in the same racket as most everyone nowadays. At least in the sense that Scribblers Media is in the business of finding ways to make those we work with more productive and efficient. (Again, just as might be said of much of the rest of today's hyper-connected, knowledge-intensive workforce.)



- What information do I need to do my job?

- when do I need it?

- in what form?

- from whom should I be getting it?

- what new tasks can I tackle now that I get all these data?

- which tasks should I do differently?


Incidentally, at that blog post is a link to a full-text post of the article from which the above Drucker questions were taken. That original 1992 Wall Street Journal piece is well-worth the read in its entirety. (Or re-read, as the case may be!)


Our reason for scribbling...

Scribblers Media helps individuals, teams and companies better understand and work with digitized information. (Said in a related way, we help individuals, teams and companies better understand and work with digital information TOOLS.) Our workshops and on-site training explains, explores, and demonstrates various digital work style techniques and best practices.


To "concretize" things a bit, follow  image hyperlink below to our MOBILE workshop lessons webpage. (The image itself is a thumbnail of our archived DESKTOP workshop lessons webpage.)


There you’ll find examples of several basic-but-useful digital skills and concepts every “information artisan” should be familiar with.


At any rate, glancing over the lessons and other workshop pages should give you a quick sense of what we do—and how we try to help clients make the most of their (so-claimed!) time-saving, productivity-enhancing digital programs and systems.



Thanks for your attention and hope to be of service soon!


-- scribblers-dot-com mobile website team  (2014-01-27 with revisions)